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Stroboscope effects - all you should know from A to Z!

Stroboscope effects - all you should know from A to Z!

Do you dream of slowing down? Feel it through stroboscope effects! What is stroboscope and how does it works? Don?t know yet? Check now in our article!

Stroboscopes are one from pyrotechnics the most popular products. They give great unusual effect, because emitt special kind of light that flashes in regular way. In our article you could find everything what you have to know about stroboscopes!

What is stroboscope and how does it work?

Stroboscopes are also called ?strobes?, what in Greek means ?act of whirling?. The most simple explanation and definition could tell that a stroboscope is a light that flashes on and off. They give effect disorienting and slowing down. Stroboscope effects relies on temporally illumination strong light with the periodic motion of an object. Human eyes don?t capture full motion, so strobes makes things to be moving in slow motion.

What is stroboscope used for?

Stroboscope effects are often using at parties, e.G during New Year?s Eve parties. Furthermore in arts theater, where they give unexpected dramatic effects. Stroboscope light are also used in photography. And stroboscope effects are well know in the environment anti-terrorist and in police, because of the desired effect of slow motion.

Using stroboscope - what you should remember?

As we say stroboscope emits strong bright light, which flashes regularly. Before you use it, you have to know, that people which are susceptible to the strobing effects, shouldn?t take part in stroboscopes shows. Sometimes, stroboscope light can trigger seizures in photosensitive epilepsy. You should always remember about it, for example when you are organizing public performance for many people.

Where to buy stroboscopes?

If you wanna buy stroboscope - you could choose one from our strobes. Remember, that stroboscope effects from pyrotechnic products for amateurs are always different from those for professionals.

The best stroboscope effects

Flashes bright light is not only effect which gives stroboscopes. On we could offer you some strobes, which could give you awesome and unforgettable effect.
WHITE STROBE FLASH CX009 - after firing it emits white light flashes and huge clouds of a white smoke.
STROBE FLASH WHITE 60S CS1125A - it doesn?t fires up, but burns close to ground (about 1 meter)
STROBE FLASH RED SFF0807-1R - strobos are not the same. This one emits a series of extremely impressive and intense flashes in... red!

Stroboscopes can?t be boring. Especially if you add to them some extra effects - like in our products. Remember to careful when you using strobes and pay attention to pay attention to not frighten neighbors when you will be using strobes at night!

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