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10 interesting Facts about firecrackers - do you know it?

10 interesting Facts about firecrackers - do you know it?

Are you looking for curiosity about firecrackers? We present you 10 interesting facts about firecrackers! Check do you know it all!

Pyrotechnics is great fun. It is a combination of chemistry with magic tricks. The effect of the use of smoke bombs, fireworks or firecrackers live can really amaze you. Pyrotechnics can also be instructive and interesting. See it for your own, reading our most interesting facts about firecrackers!

  1. Firecrackers law - it?s similar like all pyrotechnics law and it depend from country. One rule is the same in all European Firecrackers Laws - you cannot buy and use firecrackers if you are under 18!
  2. Effects of firecrackers - usually it?s loud bang/ noise.The effects of fireworks can also include: smoke, flash light or sparkles.
  3. Firecrackers sound - when firecrackers explode they give loud sound similar like shot. Firecrackers sound could be louder - bang, or when we are talking about small firecrackers it could be sound like a broken branches.
  4. Loudest firecrackers - most of people, who order pyro from DynamitShop says that currently the loudest and most powerful firecrackers available on the market are FP3 and Dum Bum.
  5. What is in firecrackers? - This issue was discussed in detail in a previous article - How to use firecrackers - step by step. The main component of firecrackers is black powder.
  6. Types of firecrackers - Firecrackers differ from each other in shape. In the market you can find a triangular firecrackers, the most popular - in the shape of a tube and many other types - eg. round. 
  7. Names of firecrackers - Firecrackers have usually interesting and original names like:
    Black Death 
    Or one from the most funniest:
  8. Where firecrackers are made? - Most firecrackers produce for many years China.They are the largest exporter of fireworks in the world.
  9. Who invited firecrackers? - The Chinese are not only the largest exporter and producer of firecrackers, but also their inventors.
  10. How much cost firecrackers? - Price of firecrackers depends on many things - their country of origin, size, power. DynamitShop sell only the best quality firecrackers. Prices range from 0,30 euro per pieces.

We showed you 10 facts about firecrackers and we hope that it will be inspire for you and next time, when you will be order firecrackers you will choose some new type - for example with funny name or in orginal shape. Have fun!

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