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Colored smoke? Create awesome smoke effect - it’s so easy!

Colored smoke? Create awesome smoke effect - it’s so easy!

All you want to know about coloured smoke bombs! Discover the most popular colors of smoke and get known how long does the effect after using it! 

Who doesn't like awesome effect of colored smoke? Nowadays coloured smoke bombs are probably the most popular pyrotechnic product! They are using in photography, during football matches, to airsoft and paintball games, smoke tests and... on normal backyards where dads show theirs sons, how to use smoke bombs. Everyone loves unusual effects and making colored smoke now is so easy! See it for yourself!

How many colors could have smoke bombs?

Formerly, there were few main colors of commercially available coloured smoke bombs. The easiest to get were red smoke bombs and green smoke bombs. Now there are much more new colors, which you could buy. Blue smoke bombs are very popular because of creating fascinating blue smoke. Red smoke are often using by ultras on stadiums to make choreography before (or during) the match. While blue smoke makes great background to any photo sessions. So if you wanna know how many colors could have smoke bombs, we have to say - that it could have all the basic colors, that you want! From white, throughout pink, to black. On DynamitShop, you could even buy package of 5 different colored smoke bombs -> SMOKE FOUNTAINS JFS-1. Which is great solution, when you want to find your favorite color of smoke. Pay once and try: red, orange, green, yellow and blue smoke bombs !

Which colour of smoke is the strongest and the most dense?

When you are looking for strong and dense colored smoke bomb, you have to remember that density doesn't depend on the color of smoke bombs. You could buy yellow smoke bomb, which be much more intense than black or purple smoke bomb. Everything depends on scenery and.. Product. If we talking about scenery - green smoke is worse visible on green background (e.G. when your background is forest). If you are not sure, always before you order, read opinions and search videos in the Internet, which show effect of using smoke bombs.

Remember that strong colored smoke could dirty your clothes. So if you don't want to destroy your favorite t-shirt, better change it before you would use intense colored smoke bomb. Safe distance could be greater than 2 metres.

How long does the effect after using a smoke bomb?

Special effects smoke bombs are emitted usually about 40-90 sec. It's not so long and it depends on product. Some of coloured smoke bombs you could held in hands like SMOKE BOMB TXF160 and other is better to set on ground.
But before light up, read carefully user instructions. Always pay attention also:

  • If you are on public area - ask about permission to use smoke bombs
  • Never use colored smoke near the road - you don't want to cause an accident!
  • Never left the remnants of a smoke bomb while still burns. Remember dispose of waste.

Colored smoke always look great and make awesome effect. Making colored smoke isn?t hard. Just that you are 18 years, order smoke bombs, pay and wait few days for shipment. Then follow the instructions, find safe place and enjoy the effects of coloured smoke bombs!



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