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What is it? - flares definition

When we would like to explain definition of flares, we have to say that flares are pyrotechnic products which emit powerful light and strong heat without explosion. There are view kinds of flares: football flares - which supporters fire up on the football matches; marine flares - which should be part of safety kid, smoke flares - which produce mostly smoke (not light) and of course most popular light flares. The best known flares are hand flares, which you could safely hold in your hand, but there are also flares which you should stick in the ground. Flares also differ in color. Most spectacular are blue, white and red flares - which are often using during the football shows and by ultras.

How to flares work?

When you would like to buy flares, it is important to know, how to use it. Flares have a tube shape with chemical materials inside. Components are varied, but usually they are based on strontium nitrate, potassium nitrate, or potassium perchlorate and mixed with a fuel such as charcoal, sulfur, sawdust, aluminium, magnesium or a suitable polymeric resin. Interesting is fact, that flares can burn at over 1000 degree. After set alight burning time of flares is quite long - about 1 minute. During that time flares emit bright strong light, smoke and shimmering sparks. Which looks very outstanding.

The best flares!

You are looking for the best light flares? The best pyrotechnics products you can buy from the best producers. One of the best known and the best companies, which made flares, are Jorge, Surex and Triplex. You can be sure of good quality of these flares, their execution and amazing lighting effects. Dynamit Shop offers you flares for sale from all those producers!

Football flares for supporters
Hand flares are very popular among football fans. Although there is a ban on carrying pyrotechnic products stadiums for security reasons. However, properly used, flares are not a threat and are incredible element of support players.

Where to buy flares?

As mostly of pyrotechnics products, you could buy cheap flares in online shops with pyrotechnic. On the Internet is a wide range of colored flares. Before you buy, you should decide which kind of flares you are interested in and when you would like to use it - if at night, it will be better to buy light flares, if the day - you could choose smoke flares, but you need to select highly visible in daylight color - for example red flare.