Smoke bombs 

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Smoke bombs

Smoke bombs are perhaps the most popular pyrotechnic products with wide application - they are using by football fans - ultras, but more often photographers are using colored smoke bombs during photo sessions. Smoke bombs give awesome effect of dense smoke!

Kinds of smoke bombs

Smoke bombs differ not only in size. Both: the larger and small smoke bombs may have different forms and colors. Some of them have tube shape, quite similar like flares, some likes like grenades, but there are also smoke bombs in form of can or little balls. There occurs rule that determines which of the smoke bombs are more expensive. It doesn’t depend on the shape of smoke bomb, because you could find cheap smoke bombs from every single kind. Smoke bombs are available in many colors: white, black, yellow, green and the most popular and fascinating: blue and red smoke bombs.

Where can I buy smoke bombs in UK?

Bombs in all colors you could of course buy on Dynamit Shop by clicking the category “smoke bombs”. It’s easy to buy smoke bombs in our store - just choose what you want to buy and then click red button “ADD TO CART” - it’s fast and comfortable way of shopping. All smoke bombs on Dynamit Shop have necessary certificates and are the best quality produced by well known companies as Jorge, Triplex and many others. Buying from us, you can be sure that you choose a cheap smoke bomb that surprises its excellent quality and amazing smoky effect!

What do you have to know about smoke bombs?

It’s not known to smoke from smoke bombs is toxic, but you should rather avoid breathing it (especially if you are asthmatic or you have any breathing problems). Some of smoke bombs could be held in hand, but when you using it, you have to also remember, that smoke could stain material of your clothes (applies to colored smoke bombs). Of course always pay attention to yours own safety and safety of yours environment. Memorize also, that ‘cheap smoke bombs’ from from unknown sources and without certificates are not the best solution. The best are products from well known producers.