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Guide to pyrotechnics - introduction to pyrotechnics

Guide to pyrotechnics - introduction to pyrotechnics

If you are interested in pyrotechnics or just start adventure with pyro - that article will be for sure for you. We wanna show you how to choose the best pyrotechnics products, what is different between pyro for indoors and outdoors, what are pyrotechnics made of and when people usually use it. Moreover we will present you safety rules work with pyrotechnics and the best advice how to store your pyro. 

If you are interested in pyrotechnics or just start adventure with pyro - that article will be for sure for you. We wanna show you how to choose the best pyrotechnics products, what is different between pyro for indoors and outdoors, what are pyrotechnics made of and when people usually use it. Moreover we will present you safety rules work with pyrotechnics and the best advice how to store your pyro. 

We want to make choice easier for you. Show you the main differences between the most popular pyro products, which you can find on
Our article we shared in part:

  • What are you looking for? - difference between various kind of pyro,
  • Pyrotechnics for indoors and outdoors - tips, which pyro product you could use in home and which one is better to use on open area,
  • What are pyrotechnics made of - something more about chemistry,
  • What are pyrotechnics used for - examples of use pyro,
  • Working with pyrotechnics - safety rules
  • and good advice how to store pyrotechnics.

We hope, that after reading this short guide - you will able to find out all safety and store rules, which are very important. Pyrotechnics, as we always says, is great fun. But you should always be careful with it and use it correctly to avoid hurts and accidents.

What are you looking for?

You are on our blog, so probably you are looking for some pyro or you are just interested in and want to read some more information about it. If you are looking for pyro - you could find it on Dynamitshop on the left - we show you there well known types of pyrotechnics:

  • firecrackers
  • flares
  • stroboscopes
  • smoke bombs
  • volcanos
  • pistol flares
  • missile batteries
  • rockets
  • accessories
  • sparklers
  • mortars
  • boxes
  • other articles
  • roman candles.

If you know, what you are looking for just click the category and then we show you all products, which we offer you. That?s very easy way to shop.
Maybe you are interested in one product and you know it name - for example: you want to buy Dum Bum. If you don?t want to looking for this product in category firecrackers, because you don?t have time for it, just click button 'Search', which is situated on the right up on every page and write there name of product.
You are new one and you just start your adventure with pyro? Don?t be afraid. Before you decided to buy anything you could read some information about pyro - on our blog, where we are writing specially for you articles about pyrotechnics.
What are you looking for? Maybe you don?t know, but it will be great, find out which products had chosen others? On the left down on home page we show you always 5 best sellers from DynamitShop. Those products are choose more often than others and are the most popular. Of course those products are changing.
If you are not sure about anything - read all categories on our page:

  • SHIPMENTS - there are all countries to which we are sending our packages. From this category you could also get to know shipment costs and max weight, which could have your order to be send. We also present you estimated time of delivery, but remember - that is only time of delivery, not collecting your order in warehouse and delivery. 
  • REGULATIONS - in this category you can find all regulations and conditions about order pyrotechnics from our store. There are for example order rules and returns rules - but we hope that you will never need those the last.

  • PAYMENTS - this category show you our bank accounts - we could start completed your order after we receive payment at our bank account.

  • LOYALTY - contains very interesting informations about collecting bonus points to get a discount for next shopping. Maybe you didn?t know it, but it?s possible on DynamitShop! To read more about it - visit this category.

  • CONTACT US - at last but not at least - you could always contact with our shop, if you want to ask about anything.

If we talk about contact - you could also write to us on Facebook or on Instagram. We always try to answer you as soon as possible, but remember that our office work from 8 to 16. So, when you writing to us for example - about 5 pm you have to be patient, because probably someone from DynamitShop answer for your message next day.

Now something more about pyro...and question - what are you looking for?

 - firecrackers - there are small and loud. They usually don't emit to much smoke or sparklers. Sound effect is spectacular, but remember that there is not much more. They could have different size, shape and strong.
 - flares - they are more impressive. You could held it in hand. Flares emit smoke or light about 60 - 70 sec. They are using during matches and on photography. 

 - stroboscopes - emit flashing bright light. They are using usually during shows. Strobes are very spectacular. 

 - smoke bombs - everyone loves colored smoke bombs! What they do? It?s simple - diffuse lot's of smoke! When people use them? During shows, football matches and for photography. 

 - volcanos - they looks great. Their shapes are similar like little volcanos and they emit usually bright light and lot's of sparkles. 

 - pistol flares - they are using for signalling as distress signalling for example at sea. It gives effect of comet and loud bang. On DynamitShop we sell only inputs to pistol flares. 
 - missile batteries - they are launchers which make spectacular fireworks shows. Effects could be different and depends on kind of battery. We can't even imagine New Years Eve without missile batteries! 

 - rockets - they are second from the most popular products, which we are buying before New Year Eves. They are similar to falling stars. 
 - sparklers - they are nice and most of people buy them for kids. But sometimes they are using on weddings, birthdays or something like that. 

 - mortars - they are sets of bullets or tubes which gives awesome effect on the sky. 

 - boxes - for those from you who need more pyro, we prepare our boxes - you could buy box full of flares, firecrackers or for example strobes.
 - other articles - in this category we have all products, which don?t match to others. For example - smoke balls or crackling balls. If you are looking for something new, which will surprise you - you have to for sure check this category!

 - roman candles - after fired, they explosive like a comet and then explode. 

That's all from our store. We hope, that we had help you to choose right product. Good advice? If you don't know what are you looking for - check everything ;)

Pyrotechnics for indoors and outdoors

That?s not secret that pyrotechnics can be divided into pyro for indoors and pyro for outdoors. But the most of pyro products are intended for using in open areas. It depends on strong and effects. For example - you won't use any missile battery or rocket at home, because it will be very dangerous.
You are interested in pyrotechnics for indoors? There is not too much pyro, which you can use at home without risk. Practically only pyrotechnics for indoors are sparklers. Bot even if you are using them, you have to be very careful and stand as far as possible from flammable things. Even one spark could burn a hole in carpet or in your clothes. So remember to be very careful.
Others pyrotechnics for outdoors never should be used in the buildings.

What are pyrotechnics made of?

Different pyro products are made from different components. But in this articles we will present you the main chemicals, which are used in pyrotechnics. Even if you are not a chemist, that could make you interested in.

Aluminium - is used to produce: silver and white flames and sparklers
Barium - creates a green color
Carbon - it?s one of the most important components of black powder - necessary for production of pyrotechnics
Calcium - creates an orange color
Cesium - creates an indigo color
Copper - creates a blue color
Iron - is used to produce sparks
Lithium - creates a red color
Sodium - creates gold and yellow colors
Radium - creates green color
Antimony - is used to create firework glitter effect

That of course not all components of pyrotechnics, but the most popular and well known. Sometimes you are asking ?what are pyrotechnics made of? and ?how to make?? - but we have to warn you - making pyrotechnics at home using insecure ingredients and videos from the internet is not good idea! Incorrect use of chemicals can pose a huge risk! So good if you are interested in what are pyrotechnics made of, because you broaden your knowledge, but don't use this knowledge in stupid way!

What are pyrotechnics used for?

We already mentioned it when we are talking about types of pyrotechnics in first part of our article. Pyrotechnics are used in many ways, maybe you never heard about some of them ;)
We?ll present you some of them and maybe you?ll find new ideas of using pyrotechnics.

What are pyrotechnics used for?

  • to football choreographies - flares and smoke bombs are often used during football matches. Although it is forbidden to bring pyrotechnics to the stadiums,
  • to call for help - using a flare you could call for a help in emergency situations, for example in the case of shipwreck or aircraft,
  • to celebrate - fireworks are very important and irreplaceable part of celebrating New Year?s Eve. You cannot say that pyro is only for hooligans and then make fireworks show on New Year's Eve. But maybe everyone is a little bit a hooligan ? ;)
  • to make shows - many of cities make fireworks shows for various occasions. Well done show is long in the memory and attracts tourists even from distant places.
  • to photography - nowadays many of photographers are using pyro to make the best photos. They often choose colored smoke bombs, which make spectacular effect of dense smoke.
  • just to have a good time. There is nothing better like father teaching son how to use first firecrackers. For sure many from you - remember this moment. Some of you reminds themselves first flare - fired up on the stadium or the most beautiful fireworks show on New Year?s Eve, which you made.

So if you are wondering - what are pyrotechnics used for? The answer is simple. Pyrotechnics are supposed to be fun.

Working with pyrotechnics - safety rules

When you are working with pyrotechnics you have to know that the most important thing is your safety! We present you view safety rules, which help you using pyro correctly. This will help you avoid injury or damage to anything.

1. Always read the instruction how to use pyro, which you ordered.

2. As we said - never use pyro at home! Find open area, where you won?t be disturb nobody. Also pay attention to: 

- other people
- trees - not to fire them by accident,
- animals - birds, dogs and small animals are very afraid of loud pyrotechnic effects.

3. Never hold in your hand pyro, that should be situated on the ground. It could hurt you!

4. Always have water or fire extinguisher with you - when something goes wrong - use it.
5. Never give any pyro to kids.
6. After fire up - quickly go away! Of course if it?s not for example sparklers, which are hand held.
7. Never try to relight the dud. You always should be very careful with it.
8. Never experiment with homemade pyro. In Internet are many videos ?how to make firecrackers? or other like that, but you have to know that it's very risky.
9. If you or someone else get injured- remember to call 911.
10. Always store pyro in safe and dry place, where children can?t get it!

That?s only view the most important rules, with could help you. But remember - when you are using pyro you always have to think! If something looks suspiciously or you are not sure how to do something - it?s better to ask or find info online.

How to store pyrotechnics?

As we say - it's really very important how you storage your pyro. Quality of pyro depends from good storage. But for sure there's something more - your safety. In this article we will present you some cool ideas how to store pyrotechnics - do it safely and correctly.

1. Place, where you keep your pyro should be dry and it's good when it's dark. Most of people storage pyro in garage or in basement.

2. Store pyro in metal, not wooden locker.

3. If you have children or pets - make sure that they couldn?t get the pyro. So shut the locker door on the key.

4. Sort your pyro - flares with flares and so on.

5. All kinds of pyro keep in different plastic tubs, bags and containers.

6. Don't throw manuals away! You may need them more than once if you buy more pyro!

7. Bought fire extinguisher and situated it near the locker where you storage your pyrotechnics.

8. Dispose of spent pyrotechnics in safety way. Wait about 20 minutes after firing, then put the remains in a bucket of water and after view minutes to metal basket.

9. Pyrotechnics can't be expired - but sometimes could have expiration date. It means that after this date, pyro will be old and you could have problem with fire it up. Or it won't be so strong.

10. At last but not at least - avoid fire. Even the smallest accidental spark could fire up your pyrotechnics.

Guide to pyrotechnics - conclusion

We hope, that now, after reading this small guide to pyrotechnics you know much more about pyrotechnics. Now you should know:

  • different kinds of pyro,
  • how to navigate in our shop and what you will find in bookmarks,
  • which pyro are for indoors and which for outdoors,
  • what are pyrotechnics made of,
  • what are pyro used for,
  • safety rules when you are working with pyrotechnics,
  • how to store pyro.

Remember that if you have any question, you could always contact with us. We are a pyrotechnic store that cares about the satisfaction and safety of our customers!
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