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10 Facts about Football Flares - important part of the Ultras culture!

10 Facts about Football Flares - important part of the Ultras culture!

Football Flares are important part of the Ultras Culture.

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Hooligans, Ultras, Army or just Boys - for them names are not so important. They live to support their team. We often see they on pictures - with balaclava on face and football flares in hand. Because flares at football have special place. Today we present you 10 interesting facts about football flares and people, which use them.

1. Who are Ultras?

Ultras are football supporters. Very specific, because they are ultra-fanatical. In honor of their team they are ready to fight with fists. Cheering team for them is just as important as humiliation, ridicule and insult the supporters of opposing team. They adhere to the principle #againstmodernfootball - opposed to resist commercialism sport and the subordination of the money.

2. Football Ultras

They are popular especially in Europe. They use colored smoke bombs and football flares to enter the stadium unique atmosphere and show their favourite team, that they could make everything for them and for theirs buddies.

3. Football flares

They are similar as marine flares. Usually they are smoke flares, sometimes also light flares. Ultras light it up to make dense colorful smoke.

4. Are flares illegal on football matches?

Have you ever wonder why Ultras hide theirs faces? Answer is simple - light flares (and any others pyrotechnics) is illegal on stadiums! But everyone know, that Ultras prepare their choreographies, with using e.G. football flares, for many months before match and somehow all those pyrotechnic get to the stadium.

5. Smoke in public places

As we say in article about colored smoke bombs, you should be very careful to not to cause panic in a public place. Smoke can arouse negative connotations in the ignorant passers. So it?s better not to pyrotechnic in any public place.

6. Are flares toxic?

As all pyrotechnics, also football flares aren't in 100% natural products. They are made from strontium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal, magnesium and much much more. You should avoid breathing smoke from flare, especially if you have breathing problems.

7. Could flare be dangerous?

If you use it correctly, nothing bad won't happen. But you should always read an instructions and held flare in hand as far as you only could, to avoid burn or hurts.

8. Football flares for sale

Flares are one from the permanently available products on DynamitShop. In offer we have 3 kinds of flares which cost less than 2 euro: model ZX8017, model JF48 / G and TXF313.

9. How long do flares burn?

Burning time depends from types of flares. Obviously, the longer the better. Usually it's about 60 sec. Those flares are named '60s flares', there are also '70s flares' and others.

10. Other passwords that preach Ultras:

  • ACAB - All Caps are Bastards'

There are many doubts, what to think about Ultras. But in one we could for sure agree - using football flares, smoke bombs, or any else pyro shouldn't be a crime.

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